Who am I?

I'm Elsie Gilmore, and I'm a GenX writer, adventurer, professional weirdo, hug evangelist, and an instigator of good mischief. My life is nothing particularly special, but I know how to see all the special things in it (which is just about everything). I know how to make an adventure out of everyday activities, which makes every day an adventure.


Although I’ve worked in a technology field for two decades, and I believe that a lot of technology is very valuable and improves our lives, technology also has the ability to isolate and separate us. It creates funnels in our lives that limit our exposure to “new” or challenging information. It limits our exposure to people who are not like us and allows us to self isolate away from those people.

The more I talk to people in real life, the more I love humanity with all its textures and colors. When I lose faith in humanity, I simple step away from my computer and walk out my door into the world. When I talk to and interact with people face to face, I remember that we are all very much alike and that most people are good.

In my writing, I’m focusing on my experiences and the wisdom gained from a lifetime of learning how to find joy the hard way.

I was an early blogger (circa 2002) and am a lifelong writer. Check out some older content on Urban Mayhem Project, including a 4-part series about my trip to Cuba in 2017. Along with being a web developer for 20 years, I also founded, grew and sold a women’s networking company in Sarasota, Florida called Women With Moxie.

Projects I’m working on are the 5000 Hugs Project, a novel called Howard Hoax, and a memoir called The Brompton Diary. Other small projects include a rewrite of my You’re a Nice Guy, But You’re Bad in Bed booklet, a small book about hugging, and an interactive card game.

What is this?

The Joy Clinic is an anthology of stories about social interactions and social experiments I’ve engaged in throughout my life, along with musings on relationships and how to find joy in simple ways that don’t involve capitalism. My experiences are often interesting, funny and/or poignant and sometimes lead to magical outcomes or memories. This space is for you to share in the conversation with me.

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The memoir of a GenX badass and professional weirdo who's trying to keep life interesting and joyful.


Elsie Gilmore
I'm a writer, adventurer, joy spreader, world-renowned hugger, and professional weirdo.