That Facebook will remind me of every year
This will surely be one of several posts I make about my trip to Mexico because it was full of adventure.
My "real vacation" to Quintanaroo and Yucatan
Best Book Size...Would you be more likely to buy a book that is standard sized (6”x9”) or square (7”x7”)? Or does it matter?
Find out all the plans I have that may or may not come to fruition! 😜
It’s a day late… sue me! Dating Questionnaire If I ever have the misfortune of dating again, I’ve decided I’ll need to cut through the bullshit much…
Friendship As a friend (or lover or family member), I try to give as much encouragement as I do constructive criticism, and I hope people appreciate…
There are lots of reasons why I’ve started camping, and one of them is definitely to prove I can.
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